Our team

VEA's main asset is its staff, the pillar that will let us achieve our vision. Our projects are developed by people and for people, so we rely on the EXCELLENCE of our human resources and their way of RELATING TO THE CUSTOMER. Two intangibles that allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Knowledge is the most valuable asset of our organization. This asset is structured in different  AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE. Our staff is qualified in those areas of knowledge, and the result is EXPERTISE AND VERSATILITY. This allows us to always select the most appropriate equipment for each project. Multidisciplinary professionals with different qualifications and experiences in areas such as engineering, economics, science, tourism…

In VEA Global, we are consistent with our principles, so all members of our team have a PLAN FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. This plan allows to align the professional future of our consultants with their personal interests and develop their potential skills. Continuing training is one of our major commitments.

If you consider yourself a dynamic person, with initiative, ability for MANAGEMENT and RESOLVING, self-criticism, willingness to work as a team and focused on results, not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.