VEA tells in Camara Zaragoza its experience in Mexico


The last 6th March,   the conference “Mexico: a natural and strategic destination” was celebrated in Cámara Zaragoza.  Aragonese exports to this country have been duplicated in the past four years, becoming the most important Hispanic market for the companies of our region.

The Ambassor of Mexico in Spain, Mr. Francisco Javier Ramirez, assisted to the conference and presented Mexico’s most relevant economic data. He highlighted the big potential Mexico has as a destination country. Besides he went over the opportunities and difficulties that Spanish companies can find when they decide to start a business in this country.

Other speakers participated in the conference:  Gonzalo Solana, Director of Catedra Nebrija in International business management , who talked about internationalization experiences  of Spanish companies, compiled in the book which was given in the conference “ Mexico: a natural and strategic destination”; Francisco Delgado, Director of International Desk and institutions of America division of Banco Santander, who shared the financing and  advising tools that the bank international department  counts on. 


Ángela Laguna, VEA’s General Manager, just landed from her Mexico’s business trip, told the group experience in this country, showing an optimistic but realistic view of the opportunities that Aragonese companies can find in Mexico. VEA has just presented a study about energy and water savings in the Mexican agriculture and livestock sector. VEA coordinates the projects execution of the study, encouraging the participation of other Aragonese companies. Angela Laguna stood out the importance of the internationalization cooperation among companies, especially to small and medium enterprises, and besides she took the opportunity to introduce CETEA, the recently created consortium of companies related to energetic and environmental technologies which Angela leads.  Another companies participate in this consortium: SATEL (Auxiliary Services of Telecommunications), TAFYESA and TAIM WESER.