"The real greatness of science is valued by its utility" Gregorio Marañón. 

Energy management is a key factor in the performance of organizations. The processes and energy-consuming ancillary activities generate costs for the company that can be a major part of the expense account.

From our Energy Management area, we help you to manage your energy processes in the most efficient way, with the lowest cost, and giving you a maximum service.

We make an initial analysis of the situation through energy audits and, based on the results, we propose and manage solutions for each specific situation.


  • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy audits and saving plans and efficiency
    • Tariff optimization and procurement
    • Efficient Integral Installations
    • Energy Certification of buildings.
  • Management and financing of energy innovation projects
  • Feasibility Studies, Design and construction management
  • Renewable Energy
    • Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems isolated of connected to the grid.
    • Wind power and Mini wind power installations for isolated solutions
    • Cogeneration and microgeneration
    • Water pumping
    • Biomass and biogas installations
    • Geothermal
    • Hydrogen and fuel cells projects and implementation
  • Implementation of Energy Management Systems: ISO150.000
  • Sectoral, institutional and corporate energy plans